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Your Journey Begins Here


Our Philosophy

At Forty Five Boxing, we focus on building a strong foundation for our students, drawing inspiration from the traditional martial arts stance of having both feet positioned at a 45-degree angle. Our expert instructors prioritize proper foot placement, teaching students how to move on their toes with precision, and effectively utilize offensive and defensive techniques. Whether you prefer group classes or one-on-one training, we offer a range of options to suit your needs. Join us at Forty Five Boxing and let us help you develop your skills in a supportive and dynamic environment.




Our training will teach you all the needed fighting aspects and techniques to defend yourself appropriately. 

Weight Loss

Hundreds of calories are burned during workouts and your innate eating signals get more controlled.


All our programs are aimed at giving greater self-confidence which helps to deal with any difficult situation you may face.

Why Forty Five Boxing?

We pride ourselves in being more than a gym. We are a school for learning the proper fundamentals of boxing, a school that teaches good sportsmanship, discipline and the meaning of hard work. We stand behind our style of teaching and are confident that are students will have a high success rate in learning how to box.

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